Create beautiful options pages that fit perfectly with WordPress.

The ACF Companion classes work great whether your fields are on options pages, the classic editor or Gutenberg

Options pages don’t tend to get much TLC, and can easily become cumbersome and difficult to navigate. With ACF Companion it’s easy to create beautiful options pages that site editors with fall in love with.

Options pages are a blank canvas, and you can end up building an options page without any thought as to the design, layout or structure. Getting a few simple and scalable rules set up that are easily repeatable will make managing options pages so much easier.


Don't cram too much on the options page. It should be easy to suss out what options are where.

Use labels and explain things using clear, easy-to-understand language. Too much explanatory text is better than too little.

Multiple options pages with a few options/settings on each one are usually better than one options page with a load of options/settings.


Download this json and import it in ACF to see a basic example of how you can format ACF fields on your options page to offer a stunning editor experience.

How do I import a JSON?
Go to Custom Fields >> Tools, under the Import Field Groups section click Choose File and when the file is selected click Import Group. Once imported, head to Custom Fields >> Field Groups where you’ll see your newly imported field group titled ACFC Options Page Example.