How does ACF Companion work?

By simply adding CSS classes to ACF fields. For example, to transform repeaters, you simply add the class acfc-repeater to the repeater field, and the ACF Companion styles will be applied. It really is as simple as that. Take a look at the available CSS classes to see all the fun to be had.

What are the prerequisites?

ACF Companion works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). So you need to have that installed and activated (obvs). ACF Companion is for those who are familiar with adding and editing fields created with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. If you are not familiar with adding fields then please review the documentation on the ACF website.

Does ACF Companion add any new ACF Fields?

Nope, all stock ACF Fields here. Even the toggle is based on the standard true/false field!

How do I integrate ACF Companion with my legacy ACF Fields?

For the most part you’ll just need to add a class to the relevant ACF field. If you’re styling the true/false field you’ll probably need to tweak the labels and message values too (more info about the True/False field here).