ACF Companion is updated regularly. Take a look at the changelog below to see the most recent changes.

1.1.0 (coming soon)

  • Added the class “.acfc-true-false–switch” which can be used in conjunction with “.acfc-true-false” to turn the true/false toggle in to a switch where both labels display, and the toggle moves between them.
  • Added the class “.acfc-small-label”. When added to a span in a field label, this class allows you to add supplementary text to a label. An example use case would be when you have a settings tab (using acfc-tabs-helper) and you prepend the parent field name to the setting.
  • Minor CSS change (added display block to “.acfc-repeater .acf-row-handle.order + td”).
  • Minor CSS change (changed “.block-editor .acf-field input[type=”text”]” to have pixel-based padding instead of percentage).
  • Minor CSS change (reduced “.acfc-padding-left–l” padding left).
  • Minor CSS change (increased specificity of “.acfc-margin-top–ns”, “.acfc-margin-top–nm” and “.acfc-margin-top–nl”.
  • Added version number to CSS file.
  • Moved the CSS directory in to assets.
  • Minor CSS change (changed “.acfc-wysiwyg div.mce-statusbar” from display: none to height: 0 as url/link modal wasn’t displaying).


  • Initial release (the first version publicly launched).